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I recently saw a tweet that was showing some growing signup numbers for one of the new MLM business that is in pre-launch. It was something like "just in 5, 10, 30 even 50 signups per day". What's kind of deceiving about posting numbers like that is the lack of information about what is required to 'signup'. If the positions cost $0, well, my friends 1,000,000 tirekickers are still tirekickers. You can hope that one of those million will suddenly get motivated but at the end of the day, your commission check is calculated on sales volume. The other deceptive part of some Network Marketing Companies in their communication is using fear of loss and false sense of momentum. Did you ever get an email that reads "26 people just joined your downline today". Well, my friends, that tactic is a more than a decade old and its simply a marketing trick to use psychology and manipulate people. Sure it works, because people are vulnerable and sadly don't understand the psychology of autoresponders. At the end of the day, its about Sales Volume and usually its specifically about your personal genealogy - like if you invited someone who bought stuff or sold stuff. This is marketing - and anyone who tries to tell you something different is consciously lying to you right at the beginning - and they will probably keep trying to deceive you.

With bHip Global, there's no smoke and mirror. We've had some startup struggles, we all have a past - we want to move forward in a positive direction and we have a mission to achieve global records in the Network Marketing industry. bHip Global compensation plan is a binary system - that means you & your team have to build two legs. Its the simple Share with Two, Everyone invites TWO, power of Two, et al. The benefit is when someone builds one of the legs for you - then it simply becomes a single focused effort straight down - but you get paid on both legs with bHip Global. I am fortunate to position myself with the Master Distributor, Kosta Gara - he's a Genius when it comes to driving directly to success. Even the MLMWatchdog recently raved about Binary Compensation Plans - its one of those Comp Plans that you either love or hate. I am fairly new to network marketing and have had limited exposure to comp plans. My success history has been with a Binary Comp Plan - so I know how to make them work and teach others to make the most out of a binary comp plan. I love the bHip Global Binary Compensation Plan - it works for me and it can work for you when you join my team! With bHip Global, we dont play psychological games, we dont spam prospects with signup announcements. The policies & actions from bHip Global support and the executive team set the stage - our marketing campaigns and email communication are respectful. If you would like to learn more about Binary Comp Plans, there is a pretty good book by Ray Duncan called the MLM Binary Plan. I have several copies and would love to send you one. Contact Me on
and make sure you mention Ray Duncan's The MLM Binary Plan. I would be glad to show you how bHip Global's compensation plan can work for you. bHip Global has a compensation plan that is designed by Distributors for Distributors.

I love the bHip Global system and backoffice because its a very simple reporting system. Anyone can see their team, their sales volume and it keeps track of commission earned in a very user-friendly chart. You can look at your Sales Volume History with one click, showing a recent summary or expanded from your Day 1 by week or month. Recently on our conference call the leaders mentioned that our sales are exceeding $1 Million per week. People can say whatever they want about Terry Lacore and BHip Global - I see the facts, these numbers are proving that bHip Global is a success and our bHip Global products are Highly unique, instantly gratifying consumable products. We offer the new breed of energy, all natural dietary supplements that are flying off the shelf. I am an independent distributor for bHip Global and I feel privileged to share bHip Global products with you. If you want, request Free Samples.

This morning I decided to take a look at mybHip Global backoffice - just to get a full grasp of our continuing success. Its mind boggling - I mean I know the checks are flowing so I never really looked in depth at how myBhip Global Team Volume was building. All I can say is WOW! bHip Global Sales Volume is impressive and now I know exactly why bHip Global is the right business for me.

Are you kidding me? This is the most remarkable experience in my life - that I can have nearly 3 Million Dollars worth of product sales in my business in less than 2 years. Personally, I love bHip Global - for me, its the right place at the right time.

I'll tell you, Honestly, I'm a new kid on the block. Networking Marketing, or Sales in general, is a HUGE career change for me. We're facing an economic recession like I've never know in my life - but Network Marketing is Recession Proof. I know I'm taking risks in whatever venture I choose - its up to me to choose the Right Venture at the Right Time. I know this is the Right Team - we are the Team in Motion, our sales volume proves it. I have some super fabulous friends who reach out to me to join their next big venture and I politely decline and say I'm 100% bHip. Now you know why. This is serious activity and HUGE sales - and there is no reason that I can think of to just sit and watch this happen. I want to be a part of bHip Global - I believe we are the next billion dollar company. If you really want to make money, promote bHip Global products that are in HUGE demand. We're already in 18 countries - we just opened Japan this week. I'm actively building in the United States looking for 50 Directors - one for each state of the union. If you want to 'open' your state on my personal team, contact me today on my Bhip Global website. I'm thankful to all the global leaders around the world that have joined my team - we're building Global Distributor Centers and I will help you to the best of my ability. I'm looking for leaders, serious investors and team builders. Are you ready?

As Kosta reminds us, We are setting records in the industry around the world and here is your opportunity to part of our legacy.

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