Top 10 New Years Resolutions of 2009

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Get Help Quitting Smoking, Losing Weight, Organizing Your Finances, & More

According to Amazon, here's the Top 10 List of New Years Resolution

    #1 Lose Weight

    #2 Get Your Finance In Order

    #3 Go Greener

    #4 Curb Your Vices

    #5 Get In Shape

    #6 Relax More

    #7 Pursue a New Career

    #8 Upgrade Your Technology

    #9 Organize and Optimize

    #10 Start A New Hobby

I can definately see how bHip Global fits into the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions!
Give me a call and I'll show you how.

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Happy New Year

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I am so grateful for my spouse and our children - we have an amazing life together and this home based business has given us the opportunity and freedom to enjoy so many blessings. =

Thank you to all my bHip family - I love you! Thank you Kosta Gara for all the encouragement and support - looking forward to your next visit to Toronto and New York! Thank you to all the amazing MLM coaches I have had through the years, especially Jim Rohn, Dale Calvert and Tracy Biller - you have taught me so much, I'm so grateful that I came into the business with the commitment of being coachable! It is really wonderful to be a Mike Filsaime VIP - thank you for the training and the honor of that achievement... learned some awesome new marketing skills. Thank you to my life coach, Bob Proctor - I am so thankful for the life changing exercises, working through paradigms and the new healthy habits. I appreciate the master mind and cherish each of you. Thank you Sharon Benegbi - I love the calm and confidence that you helped me discover inside of myself! wow! 2008 has been great!

2009 is going to be amazing - my Joint Venture with Adeel Chowdry is underway...absolutely incredible projects and excitement about this. Looking forward to rallying the 'team' using a 90 day blitz with Craig Joseph - this is truly going to demonstrate our ability to respect and encourage others to 'plan the work and work the plan'.

Carpe Diem ... Seize the Day!

Dee Dee Williams
bHip Global Leader

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