Sitting in Traffic Never Felt so Good

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Have you ever sat in a traffic jam and cursed. As you wait impatiently for the light to change, you just want to get through the rush hour or maybe you are really upset that there is an accident ahead that is blocking your way and preventing you from your destiny: consider for a moment taking the Opposite Viewpoint. What if traffic was a good thing. After spending 4 years of my Corporate Life in the Washington DC area, I learned to accept traffic as part of my daily expectation; there was little I could do about it and I frequently would be stuck in traffic for hours of each day. I would attempt to fill the time with value added activities like visiting with my passengers, listening to books on tape, making mental lists of things to do or things I'm grateful for. Of course, I could have spent my time watching people, that was less interesting to me but there was plenty of characters enroute everyday. The roadside views along the Potomac River (Virginia side) would be bright and colorful most of the year. (someone told me it was Lady Bird Johnson that wanted wildflowers to grow along the highways - apparently she has requested a similar initiative in Texas before coming to Washington DC. Whomever initiated it, I grew to appreciate and look forward to the Cherry Blossoms and other foliage). The traffic was the calm before the storm of my daily grind and I learned to enjoy the long drives every day after I realized I needed to change my attitude about Traffic. You could never really anticipate how long it would take to get around the Beltway, so you just had to make the best of it.

When you are in internet marketing, you gotta LOVE the traffic - I mean isnt our main objective to get visitors to come to our website? so next time you are in a traffic jam, allow yourself to change your perspective for a moment. Look around and think of all the people that you could share your website with. Sitting in Traffic Never Felt so good!

I recently added a visitor monitoring system and its fascinating to see who is visiting these days.

The visitor monitoring system is from - there is a pro version but I currently am just testing it under the Try It Before You Buy It policy.

The live feed, in real time, will tell you who is visiting, how they arrived at your site (like from Google or Twitter) and if they clicked on any links on the page when they exited. I've been finding the information very helpful to see, for example I can see the trends of activity on my Free2Bhip blog when I post a link in Twitter or Facebook.

I am quite surprised at the wide range of locations where people are finding me. I recently had visitors from New Guinea, Norway, Phillippines, Mexico, Guatemala, South Wales, Australia, of course lots from Canada provinces including Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia. The visitors from the United States have also been from all directions including but not limited to Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, and New York. We are truly a Global company, expanding around the world. bHip Global plans to expand their Global Distribution Centers around the world - 30 countries in 30 months. bHip Global is already posed with over 15 active countries approved on the open & approved for business list. Kosta Gara, bhip Global Master Distributor, is touring the world helping forge ahead with our global vision. We are so thankful to the leadership Kosta shares with us and his continued support for each and every bHip Global distributor. Thank you to all my visitors from around the world - bHip Today! Now go tell the world, before the world tells you!

I am so grateful if I am touching the lives of other bHip Global distributors - I love to encourage all of you. We are a global family - looking forward to meeting you in Vegas very soon! If I am giving some more details to a bHip Global prospect or bHip customer, thank you for visiting my Free2bHip Blog recently. I hope you have found some valuable information about bhip Global today. I am certain that my links to bUy Bhip and Join bHip Global are working because there is a tremendous amount of momentum with my bHip Global team. Our doors are open for business, I've stayed the course against all odds and I'm more thankful than ever for the continued love and support of distributors, customers, prospects, friends and family. Thank you to all the visitors and subscribers. Its been a pleasur doing business with you!

Hope you have an awesome day! bHip!

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