Google Analytics Review

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I'm jumping ahead a little with the 30 Day Challenge - since this is my 3rd summer, I already knew the value of having your monitoring tools ready. I like simplicity and I prefer tools that are user friendly and easy to use - otherwise tasks turn into WORK! Google Analytics is created for the Average Joe to setup monitoring, create Custom Reports and Goals. Its nice to have the Adwords and other monetary campaigns integrated into Analytics too, if you are using those features.
The benefit of having Google accounts is the organization and connection between all of the resources and tools. When you login and click on My Account, you can see the display of "My Products" - and there is just about everything I can think of that Google offers: Alerts, Blogger, Google Friend Connect, Video, Analytics, FeedBurner, Groups, Subscribed Links, Gmail, IGoogle, Talk - just to name a few.

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