Automobile Catalytic Converter Recycling Creates Wealth

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Thanks to my friend Chris for introducing me to Recycling Catalytic converters

Does the thought of making up to $50-$1500 per HOUR - of your time get your attention? If I were to teach you how exactly to do this, how many hours a week would you spend doing this?

There is a business that you can start with little or nothing more than a car and good head on your shoulders. You run the calculations, because in this business, YOU alone determine how much money you want to make. No boss, no time clock to punch, and NO "glass ceiling" - and this business will actually get BETTER - and more profitable - as the overall economy worsens!

The demand for a cleaner environment required major changes in automobile pollution control and so came the catalytic converter.

An automobile catalytic converter is a muffler- like device that contains a Platinum/Rhodium alloy deposited on an alumina ceramic substrate. It is always mounted as close to the exhaust manifolds as possible. As the exhaust gases pass through the catalyst, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and other harmful wastes are converted to carbon dioxide and water.

At the time of writing this (today) Platinum was $1365 per oz. And Rhodium was $2050 per oz.

See website for daily market quotes on precious metals

To date, the auto industry is still the major user of Platinum and PGMs (platinum group metals) in the United States.

Not all converters hold the same value. Most foreign cars are equipped with converters with proportionately higher platinum content in their catalyst, which can make them more valuable than domestic ones.

I didn't become interested in any kind of recycling until neighbor who had scrapped a small truckload of metal including several exhaust systems he had collected over the years asked me if I would use my truck and take them to the dump for him. When I was waiting in line at the recycling center another fellow noticed the exhaust systems in my truck and pointed out that I should save the catalytic converters and sell them separately.

I was somewhat skeptical of the money he said I could get for them, but just in case, I cut them off and took them back home with me. For the rest of the scrap in the truck I received $22.00. It paid for my gas and then some.

After I got home I went online to E-Bay and was shocked at what some people were getting for catalytic convertes, $80 - $125 each. Needless to say this was the start of my recycling business.

My total take for everything was $282. Not bad for a few hours work.

Anything is possible - recycling turns my TWO CENTS into some Serious Cash

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