Sitting in Traffic Never Felt so Good

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Have you ever sat in a traffic jam and cursed. As you wait impatiently for the light to change, you just want to get through the rush hour or maybe you are really upset that there is an accident ahead that is blocking your way and preventing you from your destiny: consider for a moment taking the Opposite Viewpoint. What if traffic was a good thing. After spending 4 years of my Corporate Life in the Washington DC area, I learned to accept traffic as part of my daily expectation; there was little I could do about it and I frequently would be stuck in traffic for hours of each day. I would attempt to fill the time with value added activities like visiting with my passengers, listening to books on tape, making mental lists of things to do or things I'm grateful for. Of course, I could have spent my time watching people, that was less interesting to me but there was plenty of characters enroute everyday. The roadside views along the Potomac River (Virginia side) would be bright and colorful most of the year. (someone told me it was Lady Bird Johnson that wanted wildflowers to grow along the highways - apparently she has requested a similar initiative in Texas before coming to Washington DC. Whomever initiated it, I grew to appreciate and look forward to the Cherry Blossoms and other foliage). The traffic was the calm before the storm of my daily grind and I learned to enjoy the long drives every day after I realized I needed to change my attitude about Traffic. You could never really anticipate how long it would take to get around the Beltway, so you just had to make the best of it.

When you are in internet marketing, you gotta LOVE the traffic - I mean isnt our main objective to get visitors to come to our website? so next time you are in a traffic jam, allow yourself to change your perspective for a moment. Look around and think of all the people that you could share your website with. Sitting in Traffic Never Felt so good!

I recently added a visitor monitoring system and its fascinating to see who is visiting these days.

The visitor monitoring system is from - there is a pro version but I currently am just testing it under the Try It Before You Buy It policy.

The live feed, in real time, will tell you who is visiting, how they arrived at your site (like from Google or Twitter) and if they clicked on any links on the page when they exited. I've been finding the information very helpful to see, for example I can see the trends of activity on my Free2Bhip blog when I post a link in Twitter or Facebook.

I am quite surprised at the wide range of locations where people are finding me. I recently had visitors from New Guinea, Norway, Phillippines, Mexico, Guatemala, South Wales, Australia, of course lots from Canada provinces including Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia. The visitors from the United States have also been from all directions including but not limited to Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, and New York. We are truly a Global company, expanding around the world. bHip Global plans to expand their Global Distribution Centers around the world - 30 countries in 30 months. bHip Global is already posed with over 15 active countries approved on the open & approved for business list. Kosta Gara, bhip Global Master Distributor, is touring the world helping forge ahead with our global vision. We are so thankful to the leadership Kosta shares with us and his continued support for each and every bHip Global distributor. Thank you to all my visitors from around the world - bHip Today! Now go tell the world, before the world tells you!

I am so grateful if I am touching the lives of other bHip Global distributors - I love to encourage all of you. We are a global family - looking forward to meeting you in Vegas very soon! If I am giving some more details to a bHip Global prospect or bHip customer, thank you for visiting my Free2bHip Blog recently. I hope you have found some valuable information about bhip Global today. I am certain that my links to bUy Bhip and Join bHip Global are working because there is a tremendous amount of momentum with my bHip Global team. Our doors are open for business, I've stayed the course against all odds and I'm more thankful than ever for the continued love and support of distributors, customers, prospects, friends and family. Thank you to all the visitors and subscribers. Its been a pleasur doing business with you!

Hope you have an awesome day! bHip!

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Free bHip Energy Samples

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I am on the edge of my seat as the race is about to begin. During the month of August 2009, we will give 300 people free samples of bHip Energy, free samples of Noni Gia and free samples of bHip Pleasur. We are working on getting some samples of La Core Anti Aging Beauty Line for all you lovely ladies out there; As of June 2009 the new bHip Global product La Core Beauty, is only available for bHip Global 1 Star Leaders in Hong Kong. For more information, request Free bHip Samples.

    Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity

    To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment

    Would you capture it or just let it slip?
    - lyrics by Enimem "Lose Yourself"

You can only imagine the adrenal if you have ever experienced the anticipation of something awesome. There is NO CHARGE FOR AWESOMENESS. When you have a passion for your business, like me, Dee Dee Williams LOVES bHip Global, and you have stayed committed to the goal to the best of your ability, like I have been a Distributor for bHip Global since the PreLaunch. For me, personally, bHip Global is an exciting and lucrative business opportunity. I believe in bHip Global 100%, I have partnered with the bHip Global Master Distributor, Kosta Gara - he's a Millionaire in Motion. Do you know what that means? Kosta did it before and Kosta will do it again. I have that same philosophy when it comes to success - and Kosta Gara set the bar HIGH. Unlike some rising millionaires who might plow you done or use you to get to their goal, Kosta Gara invites you to join him on stage to achieve the Millionaire Rank. Kosta Gara came out of retirement to Go Tell the World, Before the World Tells You! This is what propels me to provide 300 exposures in the next 30 days. Request your Free Samples of bHip Energy - Just like my website says Requesting a Sample is Easy.

Part of a massive Free Sample Challenge is the mindset and the commitment - you have to have Integrity, Motivation, and be 100% in the Game. Every day I listen to the bHip Blueprint. I, Dee Dee Williams invite you to listen to the recorded audio, bHip Blueprint on my website bHip Daily, so you can feel the bHip Energy and begin to shift your millionaire mindset - this is about letting go of the old poor way of thinking. Bob Proctor talks about it all the time - if you are willing to allow the shift of a paradigm, even just the slightest change can propel you into a totally different lifestyle. I am so pumped with excitement for the Request Free Samples of bHip Campaign I am about to launch - the start of the challenge is in 4 days - if you have evered wondered about any of the products in the bHip Global Product Catalog - now is the time to Request Free Samples of bHip.

As committed bHip Global distributors, we have mass produced our bHip Energy Sample kits - its been an entire family project gearing up for this Free Sample challenge. Yes, we had to have LOTS of bHip Energy product on hand for this Free Sample Challenge, so we selected the 1 Star Global Leader business builder package from bHip Global. (by the way, Becoming a 1 Star Global Leader with bHip Global was the best $1500 we have invested in for a very long time - stay tuned for more information about doubling your money with the bHip Global Return on Investment). That bHip Global purchase gave us 1440 samples of bHip Energy Blend - would you like a Free Sample of bHip? Requesting a Sample is Easy - just visit our site Send Free Bottle to request your bHip Sample today. One of our upline has a bHip Global YouTube Video about sampling - we'll be posting more videos shortly so you can see how massive our campaign is! We started with a Microsoft Project - so we could keep track of all the action steps required to do a massive Free bHip Samples Campaign. The biggest action step is committing to a Thirty Day Challenge - this is not a project for the faint hearted or uncertain. (This is a massive Free Sample Requests challenge and Dee Dee Williams will be giving away hundreds, possibly thousands of Samples of bHip Energy Drink. We'll get more bHip Energy if we have to so that Every Request is filled.) If you want to try it before you buy it, Request bHip Energy Samples today - Like I said, requesting a sample is easy! Its free and there is no obligation. We're just having so much fun!

Today we have to finish printing the bHip Global brochures and Dee Dee Williams bHip Global business cards. We hand wrote the bHip Global Free Sample thank you notes and we'll be putting the postage on those ready to put your bHip Free Sample and followup with a Thank you in the mail today. We have the exclusive Dee Dee Williams bHip Sample followup system in place - and we are really passionate about making this 30 Day Challenge a success! Simply visit our website or click here to Request bHip Energy Sample to help us with our goal during the Thirty Day Challenge. We have changed our website Name to Ask DD for Free SAmples - we are serious about giving about bHip Energy samples because we believe in the product and we are serious about minding our business!

have a Blessed Day!

p.s. on a side note, as a bHip Global Leader who cares about my team, the very first thing I do when you join my bHip Global business, is set up a bHip Sample Website for the new distributor. I have created websites & capture forms from day 1 and all over my bHip Global team can be found on the internet sampling bHip Energy. Since bHip Global is in start up (less than 2 years old), in the early days the company didnt have a bHip Sample Request System. The bHip Energy Sample Request Form is in place now with Team IN Motion, the sister site for bHip Global. All of my personal downline in bHip Global and the next generations of distributors that are in my genealogy have a personal bHip Sample Request form, either with TeamInMotion or on their own domain or blog. Its likely that if you look in the search engines for bHip Energy sample, you will be working with one of my personal teammates. That thrills me and I am so grateful to work with an awesome network of bHip Global distributors who are commited to internet marketing and give away free samples of bHip Energy. Its never been so easy to request a sample! Try bHip today!

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Overcome Personal Challenges

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So what are our challenges in life?

Love and Relationships

I was given a second change in life - against all odds I found the love of my life after a series of failures. Letting go of the past, "We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout". I tell people, I'm still on my honeymoon even though we're heading into double digit years of marriage. We have our own sports-team lineup with 10 in our family tree now - you can only imagine how busy I am around suppertime! I love this life and am so grateful for all these little people and a spouse to share this life with me. My secret is
1. focus on some personal soul searching to prepare yourself for the chance
2. define the perfect mate
3. let go of old patterns
4. be 100% willing to accept the new pattern
5. stay committed, no matter what (this might be the hardest action of all)
If I did it, You can do this - I survived the worst possible experiences in life and now I cherish every good relationship in my life. There might be an opportunity for you to overcome personal challenges in your relationships and love life if you are willing to get on a different road. Contact me if you need some encouragement,


One HUGE challenge was replacing my corporate income after a sudden layoff - that sucked. We had just gotten married less than a year before our town hit some economic turmoil and BAM! we got pregnant and I became an easy target at layoff time. I knew right away I couldnt just sit here and let fate take me into poverty. Without missing a beat, I came back up on top of my game. I paid off my car loan, cut up my credit cards, I dabbled in eBay, tried a couple online ventures like Survey Taking, Paid To Read Emails and then found Network Marketing which led into Internet Marketing. Almost 6 years later, We are debt free, after some serious financials sacrifices and staying in the game. I never quit and we are winning. We are watching our neighbors lose their house, sacrifice their retirement investments and quit frankly lose hope. More than 1/2 of them are getting divorced. Probably our only secret to this game of survival is I kept showing up. I stayed commited to be success. Plan the Work, Work the Plan and NEVER QUIT!!! I have a business opportunity that is working for me, I can help you if you are open to an opportunity - but you have to Show up. If you would like to read my personal testimony about overcoming the economic challenges of the unemployed, please visit Dee Dee Williams website.

Weight Loss

I successfully lost 85 pounds through lowfat eatting, taking a dietary supplement every day and 30 minutes of exercising 5 days a week - 85 pounds was like carrying 8 bags of potatoes around - can you imagine? I got a second chance in life because I put my mind to accomplishing a goal and I never quit. I did it from the comfort of my home - added Acai Berry to my diet, reduced the fat intake and did some low impact aerobics through TV, as I recall it was Denise Austin. I was a whole new me. Now I take my weight very serious. For this reason, I am an Acai Berry advocate. Just do some research - its a simple appetite suppressant that works for me. If you want to try a proven Acai Berry product, just Request a Sample


I have one of those family history charts that is doom and gloom. The list of medical problems is pretty long so I wont bore you, but I was alarmed when some doctor mentioned my diagnosis was diabetes. I'm not a medical doctor and I dont pretend to offer advise, so please consult your physical. My personal experience is that I kicked Diabetes to the curb and I'm committed to my daily vitamin regiment. I drink Willard Water (which is basically natural distilled water packed with minerals) and a packet of bHip Energy twice a day. My daily cost for health is less than $2.50 USD. Do you know the cost of insulin? oh my heavens, I'd be broke or charging up a HUGE debt with a health insurance company. NOW I have a clean bill of health and I can tell you I have eliminated the WORRY, reduced my stress and I regularly get blood work that shows NO Diabetes. WITHOUT DRUGS or Insulin or even self monitoring equipment. There isnt enough money in the world to replace the value of my life - I hold the keys to my health and I'm taking charge of my health NOW. The truth is, FOR ME, I had a diabetes challenge, I faced it and bHip Energy has changed my personal chemistry enough that I dont have diabetes symptoms anymore. For that, I am a faithful distributor of bHip Global - and would love to share our products or business opportunity with you. Contact Dee Dee Williams for more information about bHip Global and Diabetes.


This is probably the biggest hurdle I have now. We have thousands of acres and thousands of square footage to care for. As mentioned above, the number of people I am responsible for on a daily basis is like the roster of a sports-team. There is a wise saying about a parent that gets up earlier than anyone else and stays up later than anyone. That's definately me. My length of day exceeds anyone else in this household and I honestly dont even watch the clock because it moves WAY TOO FAST in my humble opinion! One of the things I had to organize before I got involved with this network marketing company and my own business was Time Management. What I love about bHip Global is that we have a specific time and specific action guide for anyone to get started. It includes 14 hours per week for the serious but its really about 'your' first 14 hours of availability. Recently one of the speakers on our weekly training call said This is the Most forgiving business. Its so true. If you disappear for 11 days, 11 weeks, 11 months, we welcome you back in an instant. I am notorious for being late and I havent been the best example of time management. I am so happy and grateful that I dont have to punch a clock - and now that I dont hear the "nagging" response of You're Late, I started being on time. I show up because I want to get there. I love life and I'm learning some new skills. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Now, its just about sticking to the plan. Show up, do the tasks, come back again. do the next tasks. I promise you that if you do something often enough, a ratio will appear. Bhip Global offers you a system that is affordable, a schedule that is manageable and products that make a difference.

Thanks for allowing me to share my personal experience - there is a way that you can overome personal challenges before they take over and consume you. Pick yourself up and contact me today
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Free 2 bHip with Law of Attraction

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This past week was my exciting brush with greatness and elbow rubbing with millionaires - I especially am grateful for visitors and friends that find my blog through their travels. A Better Childhood offers a little bit of encouragement - this is the freedom to be you. I am so happy and grateful to celebrate with my mentors, my bHip Global partners and my blog visitors.

I had a personal shout out from Jack Canfield, the renowned author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. We exchanged some humorous comments; I was happy and grateful to Tweet about Jack Canfield because he's just contagious with his message and his wit - he's so genuine and its a honor to meet a person who is helping so many and reaches out to show his Real Personality. You are Gem in the Rough - thanks Jack for making my week awesome!

The following day I had a personal shout out from Dale Calvert. There is no doubt, if anyone knows me, that Dale Calvert changed my life - I consider myself one of his biggest fans. I will always rave about Calvert Marketing and Dale's training called 21 Ways - I found that his method of warm market prospecting is fun and easy to follow. We're on a mission to Pick a Town, Drop a Bomb. It was heart-warming to see Dale's continued humor when he responded "I hear an Explosion".

Every day I am blessed with continued Year Long Coaching program with Jim Rohn. I appreciate Jim's entire staff and the leadership of the Coach. Today is day #201 of the Jim Rohn Year Long Coaching Program - its a tremendous opportunity to grow within and build confidence. Once you have focused on personal development, you will see your business explode with momentum and partners. I think I can recite Jim Rohn Network Marketing Audio by heart - I've listened to it so often, it continues to inspire and be relevant to my business and my life.

Yesterday I received a personal email from bHip Global Master Distributor Kosta Gara. He has had a tremendous international itinerary in the most recent weeks. I am so blessed to have a partner that reaches out to me personally and makes sure I'm on track and heading to Vegas for our annual bHip Global Gala. I am looking forward to a bHip Global event in my Local area - details will follow, its going to be an exciting opportunity for me to watch others hear his testimony and I am bubbling with anticipation and can hardly think of anything else as the plans unfold for the bHip Global event scheduled in my neck of the woods.

These are just four men that have reached out to connect with me this week. I am truly blessed.

I recently added two traffic monitors to this Free 2 bHip blog - and the results have been incredible. One is counter is from and the other is a Live Traffic Feed from FeedJit. The recorded visitors are from Taiwan, United States (Connecticut, California, Texas, Hawaii, New York, Florida - just to name a few), Sweden, Hungary, Canada, Mexico. I'm so happy and grateful that I discovering blogging and ventured out to the Internet Highway to share bHip Global and my life experiences.

Take today and share some gratitude with others. Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life! I tell my children, In Every Thing that Must Be Done, there is an Element of Fun. When you have an Attitude of Gratitude - your whole day is filled with more of the same. This is truly the Law of Attraction. Carpe Diem! Hope you have a blessed day! Cheers

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Garden of Prospects

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As a family, we've been busy getting the garden ready for a couple of months now. We are already enjoying the fruits of our labor with the first harvests of the season. We've been enjoying garden peas, lettuce and now peppers in the vegetable garden. The berries have been ripe and our desserts have included strawberries and raspberries. Everyday the kids run out into the garden to see how what they can fill their 'harvest' baskets today.

We were surprised that the bugs are at an all time low count this year, possibly because of the rain. Yes, there is an abundance of snails but did you know that a cup of beer attracts them. Maybe they just crawl in and get drunk - but I'll gladly share a beer with a slug to spare my vegetable crop and flower beds!

Granted, the weeds are in full bloom too. I make an honest effort to fully weed once around the yard during a 7 day cycle. We just put in a couple of hours per day to make sure that we stay on top of the weeds and keep the beds looking fresh and delicious. The extra rain has also given us a run for our money with the mowing, edging and trimming - this is another dutiful task we must attend to once per week. fortunately my spouse and I rotate the mowing tasks to reduce the overall burden and focus more on the enjoyment of our yard. We laugh that someone has invented the slow-growth lawn seed - maybe we could just put in astroturf and cut out mowing all together!

I've been keeping a journal so that I know where I planted the seeds and what type of 'leaf' to look for in certain beds. The seedlings are really sprouting up and we're so thrilled to have the sunflowers and gladiolas showing some heighth now. (NOTE: if you plant sunflowers alone you might attract some deer, putting out the glads close by will deter the deer and provide the beautiful variation in heighth and color). With all the work, I got to go through all these experiences and sure enough the results are ALWAYS amazing and the fruit is more delicious than ever expected! My garden is always reflective of my efforts and its an opportunity to give to the wildlife in my yard, the neighbors and bring fresh produce to the family dining table!

So what is all this garden and yard talk have to do with network marketing. Well, in fact I have a favorite analogy related to Planting Pumpkin seeds. We just looked at the calendar and realized this past weekend was the perfect timing to plant pumpkins. Pumpkins take 100 days from seed to harvest and that will take us into about October 20th. just in time for fall and perfect for carving and decorating for our autumn yard theme. My experience with 'indecisive' prospects in network marketing that it could take up to 90 days for some to join your business. If you considered your business like a farmer, you would be 'planting seeds' when you are prospecting. The law of sowing and reaping always works, and it always works the same way for everyone.

I appreciate this passage "And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary. So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all men. " I really enjoy sharing bHip Global products and the business opportunity with others. My commitment and passion is contagious - some will join, some will admire and some just wont. Any of those conditions dont really impact my determination and my business - because my passion is my own and I love bHip Global!

Jim Rohn tells the story the best and I would recommend taking a moment to listen to this recorded audio The Law of Sowing and Reaping. if you choose to download the 2.4 Meg audio, rather than listen to streaming audio, simply enjoy Jim Rohn Sowing and Reaping This audio was provided by someone on the internet and I was really grateful to find it so I could share it with you today. Are you "the ambitious sower with excellent seed" ?

I've been enjoying the Jim Rohn Year Long Coaching program and I'm thankful to download a new weekly instruction from his program each week. He tells us, "Wherever you are Be THERE!" Simple words like this message from Jim Rohn give Great Meaning in your life when you really pay attention to your heart and your desire. Learning this is how I got rich. Thank you Jim Rohn for teaching us the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

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the Middle Class Squeeze

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Millionaire in Motion - did you know that there's only 15 Years Left before the Middle Class is completely dissolved in America? There's an urgency for those who realize TIMING. Kosta Gara, our Master Distributor, talks about making the sacrifices NOW - Taking Action NOW is directly related to the predictions Mark Yarnells shares about the State of the Economy.

As pictured here, Mark Yarnell is a personal friend of Kosta Gara. "Birds of a feather flock together" means you buddie up with people like yourself. Its no surprise that Kosta, the Master Distributor for bHip Global teams up with like-minded people like Millionaire Author Mark Yarnell. In the path of life, you can choose who you associate with. Most successful entrepeneurs in Network Marketing have an impressive rolodex; in the 21st century Modern Networkers cherish their list of Who's Who in their Blackberry.

Kosta is very comfortable sharing his success with others - he's a Leader among Leaders. You can see the generosity in his powerful TeamInMotion system and on his personal website, Kosta opens up his Address Book and invites you to follow the proven path of the Millionaire in Motion lifestyle.

Among other books, Kosta recommends Mark Yarnell's "Holy Grail of Network Marketing" on his website - check out the Seven Secrets to Becoming a Rich Networker. When reviewing the suggested Book content on, click on the image of the book and you'll be connected to Mark Yarnell's website. By design, Kosta promotes his friends with pride. I asked Kosta once, why dont you put an Amazon link on that website, so you can 'profit' from the book recommendations. True to himself, Kosta's generosity is genuine and far outways the common man's greed. Kosta offers a link to and believes in his friendship with Mark Yarnell. Kosta honors the success of his associates, partners and friends.

This isnt the first time I heard about Mark Yarnell, The Holy Grail of Network Marketing was just released. There are four volumes completed now and available for purchase. Mark Yarnell shares his insight about the collection:

    The Holy Grail Collection has been designed to give you concepts you have not yet considered. Each volume in the Collection will propel you closer to where you belong on the success ladder. I am first and foremost a professional Network Marketer. I believe with every fiber of my core values that in the right hands, these concepts will spark a major breakthrough.

Mark Yarnell has several media contributions to the industry. My personal favorite Mark Yarnell work is the audio 15 Years Left. I put a link to the audio on our bHip Daily blog - and I highly recommend listen to this audio if you really want to Jump Start Your Business.

15 Years Left

If the information on this podcast intrigues you please get back to the person who referred you to this recorded message.
Download Duration: 00:10:56

If you came to a fork in the road and you had to choose RIGHT now, which is the Best Direction for you? Would you continue on the same path you are on? Did you know that the destiny of Middle Class and are you prepared to join a different Class? You only have 15 years left. Are you open to an opportunity where you would surround yourself with Millionaires in Motion? We are the Team in Motion. Join the Right Team

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Alamo and The Texas Attitude

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I joined bHip Global in the early pre-launch because I was immediately connected to a three way call with my upline. I knew I made the right decision to join bHip Global when I attended an event and met our Master Distributor Kosta Gara - there is no question I was in the Right Place at the Right Time. I stay with bHip Global all these months because I understand the vision. Terry Lacore is at the helm of this worldwide corporation. He's got a Texas Attitude and "what I like best is the Texas Attitude. They're proud when they win and they brag when they lose". (Excerpts from Rich Dad Poor Dad). If you ever get the opportunity to hear Terry Lacore's testimony - you'll see he is very candid about his success stories and his failures. I have a great deal of respect for him - He taught me alot about humility and letting go of the past with love.

About three years ago when I joined my very first Network Marketing venture, I paid attention to my leadership and I followed EVERY instruction. One memorable conference call, the leader talked about Taking Care of #1 - yourself. I understood the commitment and responsibility to personal development. I also learned HARD about success, fast success and swift failure. My ego was bigger than my paycheck - I was recognized with or ahead of the Big Dogs as moving the most product monthly in a worldwide arena for a 12 year old company within the first 90 days of being in the business. Then I learned the power of Web2.0 and I was literally SHOCKED at my immediate success with Search Engine Optimization. My internet marketing tactics were not well received with the Corporate Execs and Leaders who had been in the trenches for years. During those early days, my explosive success took its toll on my sense of reality. I've always been a giver - that didnt change - but I didnt know the rollercoaster of success and I didnt expect something like EGO to persaude my decisions. I didnt realize that the failures were going to be as equally emotional as the successes. But I kept on focusing on personal development and I absolutely knew you had to 'get back on the bike' when you fall - Thankfully I had taken a 30 day course called Coaching to Profits BEFORE I started with both feet in the Network Marketing industry. That training told me be prepared to pick yourself up and work through the valleys because the next PEAK would be awesome!

One of my personal favorite books is "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I recently picked up this book to re-read it. I didnt recall the chapter about Overcoming Obstacles talks about Texas Attitude.

Robert Kiyosaki tells us:

"Think like a Texan. In Texas, everything is bigger. When Texans win, they win big. When they lose, its spectacular. ... Most people around here are so afraid of losing. The greatest reason for the lack of financial success was because most people played it too safe. So for most people, the reason they don't win financially is because the pain of losing money is far greater than the joy of being rich. If you really want to learn the attitude of how to handle risk, losing and failure, go to San Antonio and visit the Alamo. Its an inspiring story. So how do Texans handle failure? They still shout Remember the Alamo." (Excerpts from Rich Dad Poor Dad)

If you did 'IT' before, you can do 'IT' again. I have the great fortune of visualizing success - even against all odds. Friends and Family? haha! not sure if you can keep going back to those people when you 'move on' to a new Venture - but that doesnt deter me ONE MOMENT! I know the success on the horizon for me is to join the Millionaire's Rank - I have been working with the Millionaires of bHip Global. Follow the Leader - because Kosta Gara has prescribed the remedy for those start-up anxieties. The path is proven and the rewards are waiting. Thankfully Terry Lacore came out of retirement to lead the willing on the bHip Global mission.

Thank you Terry Lacore for your Texas Attitude. You inspire me to Dream Big Dreams and Take Action. I understand why I had to go through those early struggles and rollercoaster success, followed by swift failures. At BHip Global, we're on a mission - Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas, Terry, so I can personally thank you for your Courage to Succeed.

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