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I am completely humbled by the folks that send me quick notes and emails about bHip Global products. I guess there are people out there that didnt like the taste or didnt feel the energy - and I respect them for their opinion. This product isnt for everyone - personally I enjoy drinking bHip. bHip Energy Blend helps give me energy in the morning (especially after being 'out late' the night before!!!), I love drinking bHip Energy right before I head out a road trip, bHip Energy works excellent for my late night projects - its probably the clarity that I get that helps the most during the project sessions that I find myself getting into. bHip Energy REALLY helps with Jet Lag - if you ever travel for business and pleasur and you have limited time to get back into your game - bHip Energy will give you the immediate boost after a long airplane flight or car ride. Try it on your next business trip, its simple to request free samples of bHip

On a personal health testimonial, I am very grateful that my blood work has been low chlorestoral, triglycerides are good, my diabetes is apparently GONE from my blood work, I lost weight. These are all personal experiences - I've been drinking bHip Energy for about 20 months, I drink it a couple times a day. I like to put it into Fresh Lemonade or Green Tea or sometimes I mix it with Mineral Water. I think bHip Energy is a product that is either you love it or you cant stomach it. I'm good with whatever you decide - because I have my own opinion too. bHip Energy is the New Breed of Energy.

If you like bHip Energy, Dee Dee Williams is a distributor for bHip Global. If you want to try bHip Energy, request free samples of bHip - its easy to request samples and they are FREE! no obligation! Contact an active bHip distributor on

I have recently collected all the bHip Testimonials from my customers, my distributors, my partners into a binder. We are in the process of getting those on line for you with a directory and index. Again, every bHip Energy testimonial is a personal experience - we can't predict how it will impact you. We always recommend that you contact a professional physician or care provider when starting a new dietary supplement. I'm especially sensitive to introducing 'new products' to my system because I control my health challenges with alot of attention to details. The personal stories and experiences of people who drink bHip Energy are impressive and I think it will benefit many other people to read about them.

Here's a few recent emails from my customers:

      You're a blessing. This stuff is hard to get in my state. I will start buying from you (Dee Dee) now. - M.M. in Michigan

      I order BHIP monthly as I drink it everyday. I want to order from you (Dee Dee) for sure!!! - D.L. in Canada

      I have been blessed to buy bHip from Dee Dee for the last two years. I have seen her integrity and character in action. She is truly in business to help others. She knows her product bHip Energy, she stays committed to ONE company, bHip Global, and she is able to use target marketing to successfully find others who repeatedly buy bHip Energy from her. Dee Dee Williams is my favorite bHip Energy distributor! - B.A. in Texas

      We love BHIP, my husband loves the energy it gives him when he goes surfing and plays basketball. It's good stuff. - L.J. in Hawaii

for more information, contact Dee Dee Williams. There is quick registration form, thank you for completing that and then we'll see you on the other side!

cheers to health!

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