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You've embraced the Law of Attraction—Now PASS IT ON reveals the secret to creating a life of sustained abundance.

Watch Pass it On and See For Yourself!

For the first time ever, a diverse lineup of modern-day masters collaborate in a feature-length film to share the blueprints for optimal
success that took them to the top of their fields.

Now, we're making PASS IT ON the movie available to you at a new low price and with an option to add a special dedicated Action Guide workbook that'll reinforce the movie's message and bring you closer to accomplishing your goals and deepest wishes!

World-class athletes, movie stars, inventors, inspirational giants, bestselling authors and marketing gurus share powerful and proven methods to manifest a life of Wealth, Inspiration, Success & Happiness, and lead the masses to extraordinary transformation.

This powerful film inspires people to let go of their perceived limitations and take immediate action to catapult into a life that previously seemed unattainable. Viewing this movie together can take your team to the next level. More than simple positive-thinking advice, it offers specific actions you and your team can take to create personal and financial success.

The heart and soul of this movie is the importance of Passing On the key principals and practices described in the stirring content. A must-have for everyone's personal success library, the movie offers basic to intermediate principles of success, with plenty of touching anecdotes and one on one advice.

Business Builder Tip: Have a viewing party for your team, then

discuss the most relevant points to the challenges they are currently facing. At

the end of the party, PASS IT ON; have enough movies on hand so that each can

purchase one to share with others.

PASS IT ON is the first feature film of filmmaker Gregory Scott Reid. Reid, CEO of several successful corporations, has been published in 21 books, including 8 bestsellers and 3 #1 bestsellers. His unique style has made him a sought-after keynote speaker and his passion is to remind people that true success comes in giving, not keeping.

Scott Evans earned the moniker "The Working Inventor" from his passion for creating new patents. His first invention, when he was just 9 years old, was the Radio Flyer Wagon. A portable home gym using tension rods for resistance garnered him $75 million. Evans' life was the inspiration behind the scripts for Sandlot movies I & II.

These men's dynamic successes inspired them to discover the keys to achieving goals-and create a film that would clearly explain how everyone, regardless of background, could achieve their fondest dreams of wealth, inspiration, success and happiness.

The culmination of that dream is the movie PASS IT ON.

The movie has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the California State Assembly for its positive contribution.

PASS IT ON features over 60 top leaders, who have joined forces to share the blueprint that brought them to success.

Legendary Athletes/Fitness Experts

• Evander Holyfield

• Lou Ferrigno

• Olympian Ruben Gonzalez

• John Abdo

• Fran Harris

• Keith Erickson

• Artemis Limpert

• Steve "Stealth" Miller

All-star Cast

• Blair Underwood

• Mario Lopez

• Neil Patrick Harris

• Elaine Hendrix

• Kevin Sorbo

• LeVar Burton

Business Leaders/Entreprenuers

• Howard Putnam of Southwest Airlines

• Howard White (Nike)

• Jim Bunch

• Bill Bartmann

• Luan Mitchell

• Bill Walsh

• Bret Treadwell

• Pamela Perkinds

• Niurka

• David Weisman

• Glenn Blake, PhD

• Casey Combden

• Mark Manuel

• Brad Hager

• Michael Breus

• Jack Mates

• Marshall Thurber

• Anthony Miranda

Best Selling Authors

• Mark Victor Hanson

• Harry Paul

• Steven E

• Charlie "Tremendous" Jones

• Les Brown

• David Mickey Evans (movie: Radio Flyer)

• Stephanie Frank

• Dr. Zonnya

• Dr. Richard

• Janet Attwood

• Jase Souder

• Jim Stovall

Direct Sales Expert

• David Dean

Popular Speakers

• Chris Widener

• Former Congressman Ed Foreman

Motivational Gurus/Inspirational Speakers

• Brian Tracey

• Denis Waitly

• Les Brown

• Bill Walsh

• John Assaraf

• Michael Beckwith

• Former Congressman Ed Foreman

• David M. Corbin

• Rudy Ruettiger

• Debbie Allen

• Michelle Humphrey

• Don Akers

• James Malincha

• Colette Carlson

• Rev. Michael Beckwith

• Will Cason

• Ona Brown

• George Ramirez

• Margi Aliprandi

• Josh Denne

• Dr. Karl Parker

Producers/Business Leaders

• Gregory Scott Reid

• Scott Evans "The Working Inventor"

Broadcast Personality

• Dennis Prager

• Kimberly Mac

To watch Pass It On right now go to youtube

To order Pass It On the 90 minute movie on DVD plus bonus DVD featuring additional outtake footage and interviews (order in multiples to give as gifts and SAVE),
see below:

To add a special dedicated Pass It On Action Guide workbook that'll reinforce the movie's message and bring you closer to accomplishing your goals and
deepest wishes.

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