The Sunny Side of Customer Service

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This month has been incredible boost to Our Team. We've stayed focused on connecting with new people through Social Networking and Internet Marketing. We're using the 30DC - you can find more about it if you connect with me on Facebook. Contact me at The thirty day challenge is changing people's lives and bHip Global products are becoming a household name for many people who are willing to take the challenge. Go bHip Global! We love the party and we are grateful to bHip Global. I'm very thankful to Our Team - you all have been very supportive and helped us achieve new levels of success. Thank you for all you do!

As I recently mentioned, we expanded our business tool box - and I can only tell you IBuzzPro is more than I imagined and completely exceeded my expectations. Two weeks ago I sat here with 50,000 prospects in my personal contact list and I just dreaded uploading them into a system that would email them. I didnt even want to look at the list - I hate email spam and I looked at these massive files with dread. I was exhausted just thinking about contacting ALL those people. These are folks that I've met and talked to all over the world in my life - I sorted through those in 5 hours with IBuzzPro. I setup a system to call over 5,000 numbers in 30 minutes. My phone is ringing off the hook with people who are interested in what I'm doing. I know there are folks out there selling leads and lots of them are harvesting leads - that's the way they run things. I believe in Mind Your Business Philosophy, I dont have time to Judge people and I know I have to contact my own people within my own list - its a lot more personal to me and I am grateful to expand into this Global Business with bHip Global. This IBuzzPro tool is generic and its not affiliated with bHip Global - I got it at the recommendation of some people I trust and now I'm literally text messaging them Thank You Thank You Thank You - oh my goodness! Thank you so much! Would you like to learn how it works? Contact me at

Our bHip Global product sampling campaign has been so fun. We did this product sample goal of sending out 300 free samples in the month of August 2009 as a thank you, we wanted to give back. We knew there would be some expense to our project - you know sending Free Samples can cost a little in shipping fees, but its in our hearts to share something we believe in. We believe in the bHip Global products. It helped that bHip Energy works, because we had to have clarity and energy to accomplish this Free Product Sample goal - there is some work involved. We knew it would be simple if we did a little preparation of the free sample kits - so we setout in late July with our bHip Energy inventory and we made 300 samples kits in advance. When someone asks for a free sample through our automated system, we simply put their address on the label and ship it out. Request your free samples today on Team in Motion, no obligation. We're having fun. The update on this sampling project: 1 week, we have had two join, three retail sales - our net profit was double our investment. Sampling works - we recommend giving away samples of bHip Global products, especially when you have the passion & confidence in your products like we do. Try it before you buy it. Thank you to all who have asked for samples and the awesome team that is the Team In Motion.

Last night we were grateful to relax on the porch after a busy day with the family and we were talking about how we are 'really' accomplishing this success? We are looking forward to another vacation in Vegas - that's incredible. How in the world could a big family like we have ever afford a getaway in Vegas? How could we face layoffs and economic recession a few years ago and now we're debt free. How does that really happen? We're so grateful to bHip Global and the Team In Motion for making dreams come true. We're going car shopping and bHip Global is going to pay for a brand new car for us - a big car because we have a big family. Did you know that bHip Global pays up to $2000 per month for a new car? We kept saying Pince Me, How did this happen? is this for real? What is our role in all of this? what is the magic in this company called bHip Global - I mean, network marketing is brand new to us - how can an average gal with zero experience change careers and excel with bHip Global so quickly?

After a little reflection on how incredible the last 20 months have been for us - we realized the success is in sticking to the Plan. Plan the Work Work the Plan (Earl Nightingale) Yes, our background is in Customer Service, although we had college degrees in Engineering, we had jobs that interacted with people and our responsibility was to help people - we understand how to connect with people because we were Service Oriented. So we took our skills and went to work. We were always hard workers so once you understand what the simple system is, follow the leader. Kosta Gara is the Master Distributor, we follow his lead to introduce the system to the world and it is lucrative. Stick to the plan, and avoid temptation like its the plague. As soon as you know you're slipping get right back on a bHip Global call or immediately connect with a Team in Motion leader. This business is very forgiving, stay committed to yours GOALs to really be a success.

Yesterday, I received a 2010 calendar in the mail that says "The Sunny Side of Customer Service". Each month of This calendar is filled with funny cartoons and clever messages. We sat down to plan our coming year and we realized we've said many of these slogans and we've done things like Go the Extra Mile - literally driving 12 hours to meet our bHip Michigan Team. The success we have is about commitment to following the system, plugging in with everyone in bHip Global, side line, upline, downline - we dont really worry about the barriers as much as value the connection - I truly believe that every distributor in bHip Global is on the same mission, we're brothers and sisters. We're a strong company because those who stay with bHip Global are the TEAM, we are the Team in Motion and we're a close knit organization. The competition in our minds isnt within bHip Global - we're not even in competition with anyone.

We use Law of Attraction to introduce ourselves and our products and our business. People join our team because we're genuine. You can feel our energy. the bHip Energy. I think Zappos coined the slogan "transparent" - we are who we are. We are passionate, yes, we do a little self promotion but its offered like a smile - we're happy to have a big family, we're grateful to live in America, we're so happy to be debt free. We're so happy that I can be a work at home mom. This is who we are. Grateful. We are so grateful to be new at network marketing and everyone has been incredibly supportive. I know you got to be true to yourself and success will reward you.

Stay on course and let your voice smile when you share bHip Global. I can even show you how to smile in your IBuzzPro recorded messages :D Let the sunny side of customer service shine in your life and your business today. You can take stress management to a whole new level - like you're floating on a cloud. There's room for lots more stars - we have the Team of Rising Stars, from Zero to Hero. bHip!

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