the Middle Class Squeeze

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Millionaire in Motion - did you know that there's only 15 Years Left before the Middle Class is completely dissolved in America? There's an urgency for those who realize TIMING. Kosta Gara, our Master Distributor, talks about making the sacrifices NOW - Taking Action NOW is directly related to the predictions Mark Yarnells shares about the State of the Economy.

As pictured here, Mark Yarnell is a personal friend of Kosta Gara. "Birds of a feather flock together" means you buddie up with people like yourself. Its no surprise that Kosta, the Master Distributor for bHip Global teams up with like-minded people like Millionaire Author Mark Yarnell. In the path of life, you can choose who you associate with. Most successful entrepeneurs in Network Marketing have an impressive rolodex; in the 21st century Modern Networkers cherish their list of Who's Who in their Blackberry.

Kosta is very comfortable sharing his success with others - he's a Leader among Leaders. You can see the generosity in his powerful TeamInMotion system and on his personal website, Kosta opens up his Address Book and invites you to follow the proven path of the Millionaire in Motion lifestyle.

Among other books, Kosta recommends Mark Yarnell's "Holy Grail of Network Marketing" on his website - check out the Seven Secrets to Becoming a Rich Networker. When reviewing the suggested Book content on, click on the image of the book and you'll be connected to Mark Yarnell's website. By design, Kosta promotes his friends with pride. I asked Kosta once, why dont you put an Amazon link on that website, so you can 'profit' from the book recommendations. True to himself, Kosta's generosity is genuine and far outways the common man's greed. Kosta offers a link to and believes in his friendship with Mark Yarnell. Kosta honors the success of his associates, partners and friends.

This isnt the first time I heard about Mark Yarnell, The Holy Grail of Network Marketing was just released. There are four volumes completed now and available for purchase. Mark Yarnell shares his insight about the collection:

    The Holy Grail Collection has been designed to give you concepts you have not yet considered. Each volume in the Collection will propel you closer to where you belong on the success ladder. I am first and foremost a professional Network Marketer. I believe with every fiber of my core values that in the right hands, these concepts will spark a major breakthrough.

Mark Yarnell has several media contributions to the industry. My personal favorite Mark Yarnell work is the audio 15 Years Left. I put a link to the audio on our bHip Daily blog - and I highly recommend listen to this audio if you really want to Jump Start Your Business.

15 Years Left

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If you came to a fork in the road and you had to choose RIGHT now, which is the Best Direction for you? Would you continue on the same path you are on? Did you know that the destiny of Middle Class and are you prepared to join a different Class? You only have 15 years left. Are you open to an opportunity where you would surround yourself with Millionaires in Motion? We are the Team in Motion. Join the Right Team

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