Overcome Personal Challenges

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So what are our challenges in life?

Love and Relationships

I was given a second change in life - against all odds I found the love of my life after a series of failures. Letting go of the past, "We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout". I tell people, I'm still on my honeymoon even though we're heading into double digit years of marriage. We have our own sports-team lineup with 10 in our family tree now - you can only imagine how busy I am around suppertime! I love this life and am so grateful for all these little people and a spouse to share this life with me. My secret is
1. focus on some personal soul searching to prepare yourself for the chance
2. define the perfect mate
3. let go of old patterns
4. be 100% willing to accept the new pattern
5. stay committed, no matter what (this might be the hardest action of all)
If I did it, You can do this - I survived the worst possible experiences in life and now I cherish every good relationship in my life. There might be an opportunity for you to overcome personal challenges in your relationships and love life if you are willing to get on a different road. Contact me if you need some encouragement,


One HUGE challenge was replacing my corporate income after a sudden layoff - that sucked. We had just gotten married less than a year before our town hit some economic turmoil and BAM! we got pregnant and I became an easy target at layoff time. I knew right away I couldnt just sit here and let fate take me into poverty. Without missing a beat, I came back up on top of my game. I paid off my car loan, cut up my credit cards, I dabbled in eBay, tried a couple online ventures like Survey Taking, Paid To Read Emails and then found Network Marketing which led into Internet Marketing. Almost 6 years later, We are debt free, after some serious financials sacrifices and staying in the game. I never quit and we are winning. We are watching our neighbors lose their house, sacrifice their retirement investments and quit frankly lose hope. More than 1/2 of them are getting divorced. Probably our only secret to this game of survival is I kept showing up. I stayed commited to be success. Plan the Work, Work the Plan and NEVER QUIT!!! I have a business opportunity that is working for me, I can help you if you are open to an opportunity - but you have to Show up. If you would like to read my personal testimony about overcoming the economic challenges of the unemployed, please visit Dee Dee Williams website.

Weight Loss

I successfully lost 85 pounds through lowfat eatting, taking a dietary supplement every day and 30 minutes of exercising 5 days a week - 85 pounds was like carrying 8 bags of potatoes around - can you imagine? I got a second chance in life because I put my mind to accomplishing a goal and I never quit. I did it from the comfort of my home - added Acai Berry to my diet, reduced the fat intake and did some low impact aerobics through TV, as I recall it was Denise Austin. I was a whole new me. Now I take my weight very serious. For this reason, I am an Acai Berry advocate. Just do some research - its a simple appetite suppressant that works for me. If you want to try a proven Acai Berry product, just Request a Sample


I have one of those family history charts that is doom and gloom. The list of medical problems is pretty long so I wont bore you, but I was alarmed when some doctor mentioned my diagnosis was diabetes. I'm not a medical doctor and I dont pretend to offer advise, so please consult your physical. My personal experience is that I kicked Diabetes to the curb and I'm committed to my daily vitamin regiment. I drink Willard Water (which is basically natural distilled water packed with minerals) and a packet of bHip Energy twice a day. My daily cost for health is less than $2.50 USD. Do you know the cost of insulin? oh my heavens, I'd be broke or charging up a HUGE debt with a health insurance company. NOW I have a clean bill of health and I can tell you I have eliminated the WORRY, reduced my stress and I regularly get blood work that shows NO Diabetes. WITHOUT DRUGS or Insulin or even self monitoring equipment. There isnt enough money in the world to replace the value of my life - I hold the keys to my health and I'm taking charge of my health NOW. The truth is, FOR ME, I had a diabetes challenge, I faced it and bHip Energy has changed my personal chemistry enough that I dont have diabetes symptoms anymore. For that, I am a faithful distributor of bHip Global - and would love to share our products or business opportunity with you. Contact Dee Dee Williams for more information about bHip Global and Diabetes.


This is probably the biggest hurdle I have now. We have thousands of acres and thousands of square footage to care for. As mentioned above, the number of people I am responsible for on a daily basis is like the roster of a sports-team. There is a wise saying about a parent that gets up earlier than anyone else and stays up later than anyone. That's definately me. My length of day exceeds anyone else in this household and I honestly dont even watch the clock because it moves WAY TOO FAST in my humble opinion! One of the things I had to organize before I got involved with this network marketing company and my own business was Time Management. What I love about bHip Global is that we have a specific time and specific action guide for anyone to get started. It includes 14 hours per week for the serious but its really about 'your' first 14 hours of availability. Recently one of the speakers on our weekly training call said This is the Most forgiving business. Its so true. If you disappear for 11 days, 11 weeks, 11 months, we welcome you back in an instant. I am notorious for being late and I havent been the best example of time management. I am so happy and grateful that I dont have to punch a clock - and now that I dont hear the "nagging" response of You're Late, I started being on time. I show up because I want to get there. I love life and I'm learning some new skills. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Now, its just about sticking to the plan. Show up, do the tasks, come back again. do the next tasks. I promise you that if you do something often enough, a ratio will appear. Bhip Global offers you a system that is affordable, a schedule that is manageable and products that make a difference.

Thanks for allowing me to share my personal experience - there is a way that you can overome personal challenges before they take over and consume you. Pick yourself up and contact me today
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