Alamo and The Texas Attitude

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I joined bHip Global in the early pre-launch because I was immediately connected to a three way call with my upline. I knew I made the right decision to join bHip Global when I attended an event and met our Master Distributor Kosta Gara - there is no question I was in the Right Place at the Right Time. I stay with bHip Global all these months because I understand the vision. Terry Lacore is at the helm of this worldwide corporation. He's got a Texas Attitude and "what I like best is the Texas Attitude. They're proud when they win and they brag when they lose". (Excerpts from Rich Dad Poor Dad). If you ever get the opportunity to hear Terry Lacore's testimony - you'll see he is very candid about his success stories and his failures. I have a great deal of respect for him - He taught me alot about humility and letting go of the past with love.

About three years ago when I joined my very first Network Marketing venture, I paid attention to my leadership and I followed EVERY instruction. One memorable conference call, the leader talked about Taking Care of #1 - yourself. I understood the commitment and responsibility to personal development. I also learned HARD about success, fast success and swift failure. My ego was bigger than my paycheck - I was recognized with or ahead of the Big Dogs as moving the most product monthly in a worldwide arena for a 12 year old company within the first 90 days of being in the business. Then I learned the power of Web2.0 and I was literally SHOCKED at my immediate success with Search Engine Optimization. My internet marketing tactics were not well received with the Corporate Execs and Leaders who had been in the trenches for years. During those early days, my explosive success took its toll on my sense of reality. I've always been a giver - that didnt change - but I didnt know the rollercoaster of success and I didnt expect something like EGO to persaude my decisions. I didnt realize that the failures were going to be as equally emotional as the successes. But I kept on focusing on personal development and I absolutely knew you had to 'get back on the bike' when you fall - Thankfully I had taken a 30 day course called Coaching to Profits BEFORE I started with both feet in the Network Marketing industry. That training told me be prepared to pick yourself up and work through the valleys because the next PEAK would be awesome!

One of my personal favorite books is "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I recently picked up this book to re-read it. I didnt recall the chapter about Overcoming Obstacles talks about Texas Attitude.

Robert Kiyosaki tells us:

"Think like a Texan. In Texas, everything is bigger. When Texans win, they win big. When they lose, its spectacular. ... Most people around here are so afraid of losing. The greatest reason for the lack of financial success was because most people played it too safe. So for most people, the reason they don't win financially is because the pain of losing money is far greater than the joy of being rich. If you really want to learn the attitude of how to handle risk, losing and failure, go to San Antonio and visit the Alamo. Its an inspiring story. So how do Texans handle failure? They still shout Remember the Alamo." (Excerpts from Rich Dad Poor Dad)

If you did 'IT' before, you can do 'IT' again. I have the great fortune of visualizing success - even against all odds. Friends and Family? haha! not sure if you can keep going back to those people when you 'move on' to a new Venture - but that doesnt deter me ONE MOMENT! I know the success on the horizon for me is to join the Millionaire's Rank - I have been working with the Millionaires of bHip Global. Follow the Leader - because Kosta Gara has prescribed the remedy for those start-up anxieties. The path is proven and the rewards are waiting. Thankfully Terry Lacore came out of retirement to lead the willing on the bHip Global mission.

Thank you Terry Lacore for your Texas Attitude. You inspire me to Dream Big Dreams and Take Action. I understand why I had to go through those early struggles and rollercoaster success, followed by swift failures. At BHip Global, we're on a mission - Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas, Terry, so I can personally thank you for your Courage to Succeed.

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