bHip! 15 Concepts for Success

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15 Concepts for Success with bHip Global!

  1. You must make and keep a schedule. Every business must be OPEN in order to make a profit. It doesn't matter whether you are in Network Marketing or own a McDonalds, if you don't turn on the lights open the doors and let folks know you're doing business, no one will show and you WILL FAIL. Set your business hours, live by them every day. Make it a habit!
  2. Sponsor up - but don't neglect anybody. Rank yourself on a scale of 1-10, then go talk to everyone who ranks higher than you, they will grow your business faster and create more success for you. If they say “No” now, they'll come in later when they see you succeed, and the additional opportunities your company provides!
  3. Find people that want it for themselves. A quote: "The day you stop looking for acceptance and start looking for business partners is the day your business will take off." This is a very key element for success. So many of us think of all the people we know who need this business. STOP; ask yourself this question, why do they need it? Could it be because of the way they are? Look for the people who want it for themselves.
  4. Don't try to motivate those that cannot be motivated. (A corollary to #3 because we need it.) We can supply the tools, the system, the training the materials but we cannot supply motivation. The person happy to be sitting in the rain does not need an umbrella. The person who doesn't wear shoes does not need a shoeshine kit. Find the people who are motivated to achieve more and provide more for themselves their families and their communities.
  5. Keep it simple Try teaching someone the Gettysburg address and then have him or her teach someone else who will then teach someone else. How long before it is unrecognizable? Not long! Teach them our simple system and they can replicate that.
  6. Make money not excuses. You can do only one or the other. You cannot do both. Make your choice!
  7. Establish why you are doing this business. Keep the focus on your why and don't let the bumps in the road stop you dead. Establish why each of your partners is doing the business, down to the color of the upholstery, color make and model of the car. The bump in the road looms large if you get down on your knees and stare at it. Stand-up and focus on your destination and the bump disappears. The tightrope walker never looks where his feet are; he always focuses on his destination. The same is true for a mogul skier, racecar driver, jockey and anyone else striving to achieve more!
  8. You must develop leaders or your business will turn upside down. How do you spot / find and develop leaders. Look for those are working! Focus on developing them as leaders and you will achieve every goal more quickly because you will have more people succeeding!
  9. Your success depends on the success of your organization. Focus on supporting others on your TEAM. Build Success Units of Business Partners who each enroll new Business Partners. Teach them to do the same and you will create an organization of successful people! Zig Ziglar said: “Help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want.”
  10. Put great people in immediately. Don't wait for the right time. Excitement and early success builds this business better than anything. Bring them in immediately and create an atmosphere of success that others will follow. They will serve, as role models and everyone will want to be part of your organization.
  11. Get under people, not on top of them. Support, educate and help. Build people up. Lift people up show people their best side so that they see it too and share it with others. Be proud of their skills and help them conquer their fears and weaknesses.
  12. Be proud of what you are doing. Question, "What do you do?” Answer: I'm a Professional Networker; it works really well for me... I am part of a great Team!
    Sure there are people who failed at this, but they did not have our system! There are people who failed High School. Should every kid in the USA skip high school? The opportunities are endless and our business is the business of helping people take charge of their lives, of regaining control of the out of control. We are network marketers!
  13. Don't Mother people. Lead by example. You can't say the wrong thing to the right people or the right thing to the wrong people. Train leaders and let them work. A quote: "Wealth hides itself from those who must do everything themselves and exposes itself to those who have the patients to coach others."
    People learn by trying.
    People who aren't trying don't need help.
    To be great you have to be good first.
    To be good you have to bad first. To be bad, you have to try.
    Work with the people who are trying, who are taking action and help them be more effective in their actions.
    Demonstrate it every day in your daily activities as you build your business

  14. Build teams, not individuals. Find a system and use it consistently with your whole team. Work in teams, get an accountability partner who you communicate with daily on your goals, what you are going to get done and then at the end of the day, let them know what you have accomplished. Hold them accountable too.
  15. Develop an Attitude of Action. Stop waiting for something to happen. Everyday you spend doing something that does not ultimately move you in the direction you want to go is a day wasted. Business, and life are not spectator sports. Get in the game, you cannot win or advance if you're not in the game.

Take Action!

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