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Someone recently asked me about bHip Energy Blend and wondered how to buy bHip Global products including bHip Energy. I'm smiling, even as I write this - when you have a passion about your business, you answer the Where Do I Buy question with gratitude and enthusiasm. I want the location to buy bHip Energy to be easy to find and simple to remember, so I put buy bHip and join bHip Global in an obvious location on my personal domain. Simply click buy bHip.

As a Team Leader, I wanted to make sure any bHip Distributor on my personal team had the same opportunity to receive the rewards from bHip Global. The first course of action I help my bHip Global Distributors take is setup their retail shopping cart and secure their buy bHip link. With 22,000 active bHip Global Distributors in my bHip Global Business Centers, I'm confident that bHip Energy is in demand. We are the Team in Motion. bHip!

If you search on Google or Yahoo for buy bHip or buy bHip Energy, you will see the personal websites and strategy of my bHip Global team on every page. My personal bHip Global Team dominates the search engine results - because we all follow the same marketing strategy. I believe in Branding Yourself - its a strategy that great networkers like Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard teach. Check it out - for each of my bHip Distributors, their website title and description clearly identify that we are bHip Distributors - we have bHip Energy for sale and you can buy bHip from my team. It is likely that you go to a search engine looking for a link to buy bHip, you will land on one of my teammate's site. Each bHip distributor uses their own words in their description and I encourage them to secure a personal domain for a couple of dollars - so that at the end of the day, we brand ourselves as THE bHip Global Product Distributor - we have bHip Energy for sale and we are ready to serve you with Pleasur. I make sure that every bHip Global distributor on my team posts their phone number - you can call if you want but the nice part of our strategy is bHip Global drop ships directly to you without a harassing salesman. The bHip Global affiliate websites are secure and the buy bHip option is user-friendly, seemless and efficient. Our personal domains simply link into the secure bHip Global corporate catalog on our affiliate website.

Some bHip Global distributors choose to activate the optional sister site, as shown on Team in Motion - This bHip Global partner site offers the secure buy bHip link as well with videos, audios and exclusive details about the bHip Global opportunity and bHip Global products. The buy Bhip option is obviously an important feature for all bHip Global Distributors and the TeamInMotion directly links through a secure portal into the bHip Global product catalog. Customers must purchase bHip Global products through an active distributors' link, so if you are looking for bHip Energy, simply buy bHip on my website. See for more information about buying bHip Energy.

There are 7 Bonus Categories with bHip Global; A quick review of the bHip Global Comp Plan shows that 65% of all Sales Dollars are paid to the bHip Global Distributors. The bHip Global Retail Profit is the easiest bonus to earn - its like the low hanging fruit for bHip Global distributors. The Retail Bonus for bHip Global is up to 30% of the Suggested Retail Price. For example, a $45 sale could net a distributor $15 in commission. The bHip Global retail policy offers a double 'bonus' - that is the Retail Sale also covers the personal monthly requirements, so your autoship can be waived AND you get paid! Considering most MLMs require an autoship in range of $120, even $240 per month - bHip Global demonstrated an outstanding personal volume policy when they designed the bHip Global compensation plan.

I am confident that the Retail Commission - paid when any customer chooses to buy bHip Energy on a distributor's link - it's the easiest income for a distributor to acquire. To begin with, a bHip Global Distributor simply needs to active the Retail Catalog to earn the Retail Bonus. This bHip Global bonus is explained in the bHip Global Compensation Plan. Once the Catalog is activated, the bHip Global Distributor has a secure buy bHip link on their affiliate site.

In a previous MLM, I learned how to find the individuals that would 'buy' and was very successful in securing repeat customers. I replaced my corporate income with Retail Sales of Nutrition products through online sales. Its obvious that few MLM leaders recommend that you only promote the Retail Bonus - I found my niche. If you match the supply with the demand - you will have tremendous sales volume. There is a demand for bHip Global products. This is marketing - I believe in marketing yourself. I am Dee Dee Williams and Dee Dee Williams is a dedicated Distributor of bHip Global products. There is no question about my availability, my passion for this product and my commitment to bHip Global. If you have been in any business for a while and you havent made one sale of your product, you really need to evaluate if you are passionate about what you are doing! There isnt a day that went by in the last 18 months that I didnt promote bHip Global. I love the bHip Global products, I'm committed to the vision of the Team IN Motion and I can quickly show you How to buy bHip Energy.

I'm grateful someone asked me How to buy bHip Energy and I hope I can help more people looking for bHip Energy.

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