He Who Finishes the Race, Wins

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We love Nascar Racing in our house. We buy our kids memorablia. We invest time and money and show our passion for Nascar racing.

I believe there are some similarities with networking marketing and Nascar racing. You can probably think of some of your own and I'd love to read your comments.
Every nascar driver who shows up and finishes the race gets points. If you get a head of the others, you get recognition and extra bonuses. Its a fair point system.

I wish network marketers would just set a goal and run the course. It take a little integrity and a whole lot of commitment. Can you imagine if one of the Nascar drivers, just left the racetrack before the end of the race to try a different track?

Next time you get a phone call from someone who pitched you last year on Business A and then later that year called you about Business B and now is off promoting Business C - you got to stop and wonder. What are they doing? Is it the ol' jump in, get money, run out. That sounds like a bank robber - maybe it works for them but how does it make you feel if its your upline. In my humble opinion, this would feel like abandonment. So do you want to run out too, will you blame something or someone for the fact that you didnt make money FAST before your team quit.

We're here at bHip Global to build a business. bHip Global leaders on my team are in the leadership development business. Its not just about time commitment, its about integrity. I plan to finish the race. I'm here until I M a millionaire - I partnered with millionaires for a reason - I will be a millionaire before the race is over.

I will always be grateful to Kosta Gara - he proved that ZERO to HERO can be a reality. Watch the video I posted about Kosta Gara

This week, two other millionaires contacted me because they are impressed with my commitment and my drive. Pinch me - is this real? YES!!! THEY called me to see what I'm doing - not to recruit me because I'm telling you - its a matter of will. I WILL win because I'm 100% focused on marketing bHip Global, whether its internet marketing or warm marketing strategies. I'm 100% game on for bHip Global. I'm totally serious - millionaires calling ME, Dee Dee Williams. I'm preparing myself for the lifestyle ... while other young network marketers are hoping they found the winning ticket. Network Marketing isnt the Wizard of Oz or Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Sorry, no magic wands or golden tickets. This is reality. This is my business and I mind my own business. I am Dee Dee Williams and I am a successful Bhip Global distributor. I'm looking for leaders who are or who want to be a millionaire.

You can count on the Team in Motion. if you quit, you lose. He Who finishs the Race, Wins.

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