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bHIP, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Guru, Dee Dee Williams, Gives FREE Advice on Advertising your free, bHIP, Team In Motion Website to Create Free, High-Quality and Responsive, Business Leads!

this was an email I sent out on May 2008 - and I found it recently on the internet.
What an honor that someone posted it and I just discovered it. When I read it, its all true and I'm thankful for honesty, integrity and the freedom to express our passion. Be careful what you write in an email - you might find it posted on the internet. Enjoy!

    Hi bHIP Team,

    Some of you dont know alot about me, so I will quickly introduce myself.
    I'm a wife, mother of 6, bHIP Independent Distributor, I live in NY.
    I'm a Christian, my college degree is in Alternative Energy, I enjoy
    gardening and photography, I am an advocate for recycling
    and I aspire to be an expert in Internet Marketing.
    My goal is to be the 'Dani Johnson of bHIP' sharing my story of
    success and perserverence. If I get my wish, I'll be
    giving my bHIP testimonial on stage and inspiring others to
    over career challenges with confidence- meanwhile I'm out building my

    The unexpected layoff after 25 years of working hit our family,
    not once in 2004 but again last week Jun 1 2008. If you came
    to our house, you wouldnt think we were facing our
    biggest career challenge in life - we're dancing and singing
    and playing and we are Free2bHip!
    My husband and I will raise our children with faith and confidence
    and decision making skills - we will have 8 Self Employed
    Entrepeneurs in our family. We are full time now.
    We are focused like solar-collectors
    on bHip and we are powerful like a wind-mill!

    I replaced my corporate annual income with 'Warm' Relationship
    marketing a few years ago. I am determined to double or
    even triple our annual income with the additional of a Global
    business - I will be using the strategies I already know in my warm
    marketing and adding the tools on the internet. My warm marketing
    strategies were from Dale Calvert - but they are exactly the
    same strategies that Mark Yarnell has given us. These techniques
    work FLAWLESSLY - commit to being a student of the industry
    if you want to succeed. I love bHIP and believe this is my
    Zero to Hero moment. I am not attempting to sell you anything -
    this is a call to action and an FYI.

    In May 2008, our bHIP Master Distributor, Kosta Gara, has set the
    keywords in place -
    Here they are:

    energy drinks
    dietary supplements
    health and fitness
    home based business
    womens health
    mens health
    vitamin supplements
    business plan

    If you have an email address, you are an internet marketer.
    If you have a website, you are an internet marketer.
    If you own your own domain and website, its time to
    align yourself with the Action Words that are
    provided above. Put these words in your emails,
    your websites, your blogs and your articles.
    There will be a quiz in September! ;D

    The 'product' is bHIP Energy packets or maybe
    its information you are offering or maybe you are just
    focusing on building a big team of business partners so
    you are offering a business opp....
    either way if you lost your job like we have...your life could
    be really fun like ours and some others that have
    recently committed 100% to success of bHIP Global!

    Let's do this. We have 100 days to our bHIP Launch party
    in Vegas.... Have you set an EXACT goal yet? do you know
    what it means to b-line... Go Directly to your goal now.
    Build your audience, establish partnerships, fill your
    bank account...Get ranked with your website -
    it might take 90 days in some search engines but we have time.
    The important part is SHOW UP - Get Started!!!!

    Check your Search Engine rank for the keywords here.
    Firefox users:

    Submit your website here:

    (I am adding one more link to the great list: )

    here is a service that will do the submission for you.

    Thank you for building this business with me.
    I am honored to be your partner and friend
    for Life! Now go tell the world!

    you can read this email on my blog
    A Better Childhood

    Cheers to Success,
    Dee Dee Williams
    skype erichnwise

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