The Secret of My Success - Taking Risks

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I love bHip Global! I start each day with enthusiasm - bHip is
my habit now - I'm addicted to my bHip Global business. Every bHipGlobal Distributors has Challenges in life, we're
learning some coping skills and finding the inner strength to deal
with day to day stuff. I know what Serenity is -
read the chapter called Serenitey in As A Man Thinketh
on my website Promote I'm blogging about this
real life because Taking Risks is a vital part of bHip Global.
Life's challenges will ALWAYS be there - so what, next... Are
you willing to take risks? Do have what it takes to be
a bHip Global distributor - I said GLOBAL. That's HUGE!

Almost 3 years ago since I started my online business long before bHip Global.
It seems like a lifetime ago - because I have had such
tremendous success in BHip Global, both with money and networking and learning. I was willing to take risks.
I want to share the value of being coachable Do this on day 1.
Leave your ego at the door and when you sign up with bHip Global, do it 100% whole heartedly -
Can you do that? There's no net with my bHip Globalteam - there isnt
a net at the door to grab you and there isnt a net below you
to catch you. So you have to be certain ... absolutely sure
of your desire to be a BHip Global distributor. Do you see the bHip Global vision clearly?

The training I got in those very first weeks, it was
called Coaching To Profits. Forever I will be grateful for
that Network Marketing training especially as I apply it to bHip Global. The first lesson explained
taking risks and bracing us for the rollercoaster ride of Network
. To this day, I fall back on those early lessons
and I am so grateful for learning the basics on day 1. I
came with the willingness to learn - I study Network Marketing and
do my homework, and keep a good attitude and give 100%
until I could run with the MLM big dogs.
Network Marketing is about taking risks. Owning your
own business is NEVER get rich quick and if anyone tells
you some nonsense about you dont have to blah blah blah, please
follow your instincts. There is ALWAYS a price to be paid...
sometimes its money, sometimes its hard work. bHip Global Rewards!

If someone told you before you go into a haunted house, its
really scarey in there.

  • Would you say to yourself, nah! I can
    handle scarey and deny what you are told? That's your ego.
    Leave it at the door and Join bHip Global!

  • Would you just turn around and dare not enter? That's your fears.
    Face your fears. Join the Right Team in Motion

  • finally would you Take the Risk if I told you ALL network marketing
    is a roller coaster? would you sign up if I said its hard. Probably
    not! Human nature is tell me lies because we cant handle the truth.
    There's no sugar in bHip ... all natural ingredients. Network
    Marketing is a lot of hard work, its about taking risks -
    the bHip rewards are very sweet!
    Join Dee Dee Williams in bHip Global today!

  • All in all, the last answer is where I am in my
    career as a Network Marketer. I took risks in my network marketing
    career, I know its a roller coaster and its amazing when you
    go with the flow. The highs are better than you can ever imagine
    and you CAN get through the low times if you surround yourself with
    like-minded commited risk-takers. In bHip Global,
    we are the Right Team in Motion. its not hype, it IS enthusiasm. Do you
    know the difference? Take Risks! You are awesome!

    The secret of my success is taking risks. YES Its a roller coaster.
    I have a commitment and a resolve that is unwaivering. Other network
    marketers call me, email me, offer me - and they continue to hear the same
    answer. Thank You I'm good. I believe in bHip Global 100%.
    I am very thankful to Kosta Gara, Master distributor for bHip Global,
    who believes in me Dee Dee Williams. Kosta continues to support and encourage
    and build our partnership in bHip Global. Do you have a partner in your business that never fails? I love bHip Global and my bHip Global partners!

    I have watched some incredible things happen since I came to bHip Global
    - I shared a couple of my bHip advertising secrets and other bHip Global distributors are now in those forums and energy drink review
    websites. As I look at all that I have given, I am true to me.
    I am exactly the type of bHip Global distributor that rises to
    the top of the Leadership in any Network Marketing business. The wealthiest
    are always the most generous. Zero to Hero, remember where you started and
    who helped you get there. bHip!!

    I give unconditionally to all bHip Global distributors worldwide
    ....and I'm glad I share my success stories with bHip Global distributors.
    I am Dee Dee Williams and I am super glad to find other bHip Distributors
    on the internet, using Web2.0 technology like article
    writing and blogging and forums. bHip Global is awesome! I dont take credit for teaching these bHip Global Distributors. I do believe in the success
    of bHip Global, I love the bHip Products and the bHip
    Global family has a tremendous amount of leadership around the world.
    So if any bHip Global distributors finds my blog or other web2.0 venues
    filled with secret strategies, please run with them....Any bHip Global
    Distributor could contact me if you need help online.

    I'm the same generous spirit in writing and in person. I love helping
    people and I'm really having a wonderful time promoting bHip Global.
    Take a Risk in 2009 - that is the Secret of my Success. Cheers to the
    success of bHip Global!

    bReady bFirst bHip Global
    Promote BHip Global with Dee Dee Williams

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