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My bHip Global team is growing - thank you for all the energy. I am so thankful for the bHip Global Leaders that are stepping up to support our mission. we are The Right Team and we are partners with the Team In Motion.

I am the President of my own company, A Better Childhood, helping others with career challenges and embracing the work at home culture. We are each unique with our reasons to join bHip Global but our path is united. We have momentum, we have energy - we have posted bHip Global events and more information about bHip Events conveniently online.

These bHip Events are around the world - we are truly a Global Distribution and personally I am bHip Global Distribution - against all odds, leaders forge ahead of those who drop out without fear. I'm 100% commited to bHip Global and you can count on me if you join our team. Are you hearing that Others are jumping, it doesnt even phase me - do you want a leader that is that solid? I am strong and determined and we are duplicating with momentum. I'm completely happy here at bHip Global, its a state of mind and a lifestyle. bHip bFit - Serenity is the most awesome emotion - do you have peace of mind? Discover who I am, Who is Dee Dee Williams? Read my daily affirmations on my website Serenity

I believe I am a leader - I forge ahead, knowing I have a unique talent and I lead my team with internet branding - my team is unique team to bHip Global, and I am very thankful that we have duplication and dedication. I am who I am, but I am better because I have an awesome team. We are the Right Team. You wont find another solid internet presence and energy within bHip Global unless you meet our Master Distributor - and he is my partner! How awesome is that? Every Leader on my bHip Global, team is visible and duplicating. We are bringing new leaders to the bHip Global business every week and when someone joins our bHip Global business, wherever they are... we take the same action. We present Welcome Kits we designed as a team, affiliate websites are setup, we immediately start Branding that new bHip Global partner, massive traffic is flowing because we focus on my TEAM, leads are generated, support is 24/7, tools are immediately accessible. We believe in Pay It Forward and we do it with Loving, Sincerity. We give so that you can grow with our Team In Motion
The cost is very low and setup to doing business is easy with our team. We are the Team In Motion. Come to one of our bHip Global events or listen to our bHip Global opportunity calls.

We are the Team In Motion. This team of leaders that joined Dee Dee Williams, I believe in each of you. I love helping you Brand Yourself on the internet and learn how to generate leads in your own backyard at no cost. This is my gift to you - I am in the business of Leadership Development as Dale Calvert taught me. Take the step, attend a bHip Global event today.

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