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On November 9th, the Master Distributor of bHip Global, Kosta Gara, wrote on his blog about Apple Support. I read everything and follow Kosta - because he is my mentor, the Leader that I follow and the pulse of my bHip Global business. Kosta Gara blog makes me think ... what do you expect when you ask for support? I commented in my facebook account - Thank you Kosta for raising the bar and reminding us to expect excellence in our life.

Are we getting used to average or mediocre support or maybe allow no response at all. How can you get anything done without support? Perhaps you work alone but the greatest leaders achieve LEADERSHIP role because they have followers! We achieve more as a network. Sure you buy the guarantee, you own the warranty - but when you go to inquire, do you get satisfaction? Insurance companies create the worst fear. If you call an insurance agent its likely to raise your rates because its a mark on your account - you asked a question about your policy and you will suffer the consequences. If you demand for what you paid for, have you ever been treated like a problem or left feeling guilty for asking. There are ways to negotiate the best results for yourself - sometimes its easy to get support and sometimes it takes moxy.

We are all experiences the movement of customer call centers to India. When I was working at Eastman Kodak, India Support Reps and India Engineers Contractors were moving into our buildings in upstate New York. I had a unique opportunity to meet these support personnel and I want to tell you, I was humbled by their kindness and genuine desire to be friendly. At the time, I was in the service occupation. As I was fixing his computer, one Indian contract engineer had a 5 Rupee sitting on his desk. Knowing that my oldest son would be traveling into Europe and Asia in the coming months, I inquired about the Indian currency. He told me a story about his father and that it would take an entire YEAR for his father in India to earn that money. He felt so blessed to be working in the United States - he was one of the kindest engineers I ever helped and it changed me that day. I was so glad to help him because he valued everything about me & the service that I brought to him. How different is that - that a man from India needed customer service from an American lady!! I take customer service to a higher level - I am service oriented so I know what the challenges are and I am gracious and grateful for individuals who have to help me.

When you search on Google for customer support - the top Google search results are:

  • Microsoft Support

  • Apple Support

  • Dell Support

  • HP Support

  • Adobe Support

  • There is an interesting wikizine at Wikipedia about Support.

    Can you imagine if your network marketing company provided the most awesome support and was on page one of Google? I love the support of bHip Global - everyone of the bHip Global support personnel has helped me and my bHip team tremendously. When I travel to bHip Global Events, the support immediately acknowledges me by my first name and warmly inquires about my family. Every support ticket I write starts with Thank you for all you do for me and the entire bHip Global family. I appreciate bHip Global support - whether they are the bHip Global Support in the United States, bHip Hong Kong or bHip Europe. We are blessed as an organization to have customer service with bHip Global that cares about the rep, the integrity of the bHip Global mission and our success as bHip Global distributors. This is the level of support I expect - I, Dee Dee Williams, is an independent distributor of bHip Global and I am so happy and grateful for the customer support and service of bHip Global executives.

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