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Energy Drink Review of bHip

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    bHIP Energy Drink Review

    Cost: $ 1.00 Distributor price
    Active Ingredients:Guarana, B-Vitamins, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng Root Extract, Acai Berry
    Taste Rating:7.0
    Kick Rating:8.7
    Final Judgment Rating:8.0

    bHIP Energy Drink Review
    Well the bHIP Energy Drink is another entry into the powdered energy drink category along the same lines of ACT and Crave energy drinks. What does bHIP stand for? It stands for Body Health Improvement Product and promotes appetite control through and the use of metabolic enhancers to help you lose weight. Basically, this powdered bHIP Energy drink is targeting the health market as a dietary supplement that provides energy, i.e. those who are looking to lose weight, add performance, or just get energy without all the negative stuff that some energy drinks can provide. I am not going to evaluate whether or not bHIP helped control me lose weight or assisted in appetite control, but I will tell you how it tastes and performs in the kick category. If you want to know more about this product visit bHip Global Energy Drink

    bHIP Energy Drink Review: Taste
    The bHIP Energy Drink comes in a 9.3 gram ready to mix packet. It has 24 calories, 2grams of sugar and 6 grams of carbs. So yeah, it seems that this is healthier alternative to your everyday energy drink. You can use 1/2 a packet for moderate energy or the full packet for maximum energy. I opted for the full packet and mixed it into a 16 ounce bottle of water. I shook it for about 30 seconds and then took my first sip.....I am not quite sure how to describe the taste. It is somewhat of a berry flavor, however, the lack of sweeteners gave it a slight bitter taste. There was also a slight aftertaste to the drink as well. However, it did mix consistently in the bottle of water and I can't gripe about the taste too much as it was not all that bad. It was not as good as your traditional grape energy drink; however, there are tradeoffs. If you want all the sugar and calories go with a traditional over the counter energy drink, it will taste better. As for me I like the health concept and next time I give this a try I wil mix it in with some Crystal Light or some grape juice. Taste Rating - 7.0

    bHIP Energy Drink Review: Kick
    Alright the taste is not the best, but you can decide if the tradeoff is worth it. As I stated above, I mixed the whole package. There are plenty ingredients like amino acids, acai berry, etc but I am not going to comment on their benefits. The energy ingredients include b-vitamins, guarana (natural caffeine), green tea leaf extract and ginseng root extract. The kick from these ingredients was not immediate (no sugar to deliver fast) but I did get a nice boost about 30 minutes after finishing which lasted for about 4 hours. Also no sugar meant no crash! Kick Rating - 8.7

    bHIP Energy Drink Review: Final Judgment
    Overall the taste was not the greatest but the kick was good and allowed for sustained energy. When you combine that with the other energy ingredients in bHIP you get a pretty good health product. Final Judgment - 8.0

If you want to read more about the other ingredients of bHIP search bHip Global Energy Drink.

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